Muhrakah: The Horn of the Carmel

The Horn of the Carmel, also known as Muhrakah, which means burning, is the site of a momentous episode in the Bible. An epic battle occurred here, one that would change the course of history and be forever inscribed in the books for posterity. The war between Elijah the Prophet and the false prophets of Baal happened right there, as is clearly described in Kings I, with all the heavenly fire, wrath, and carnage. Whether you appreciate it for the area’s religious significance or just enjoy a fascinating piece of history, head over to the Horn of the Carmel for a riveting tour of a heroic incident from a time long ago.

The Monastery

The old monastery that is situated on the site of the Horn belongs to the Carmelite Order, a historical group that landed in Israel back in the 17th century. The monastery was built in memory and to follow in the heroic footsteps of Elijah the Prophet who stood valiantly against the massive throngs of heretics, threatening to derail society from the proper path. They even erected a large statue of the prophet, though this was destroyed by an Arab leader during the War of Independence in Israel. A new statue was put up some years later, and that is the one that currently stands outside the monastery.

Scenic Masterpiece

 The Horn is the highest peak in the Mt. Carmel mountain range, and it is from here that you can get the clearest view of the area, the eastern Galilean valleys stretching north and the Mediterranean and Carmel Ridge to the western side. Lush greenery, open skies, and spectacular scenery can be viewed from all around you, and the sights and sounds alone are enough to make the journey to the Horn of the Carmel worthwhile.

Also, visit Elijah’s Cave to round out your prophet-trekking tour this trip. Elijah’s Cave is said to be one of the grottos in the Mt. Carmel ridge near Haifa, though some contest that the cave near the opening of the Stella Maris Monastery is more accurately the location where Elijah the Prophet took refuge during his travels.

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