Mount Sinai: Where the Hebrews Began

Mount Sinai is one of the most prominently-known mountains, possibly in the history of all mankind. Known as the location where God appeared to the Israelites and gave them the Bible, Mount Sinai is also the noted area where Moses received the Ten Commandments from up high. With such significant lineage, it’s only natural for Christian pilgrims to be curious about this location, and so Mount Sinai is one of the biggest tourist destinations on the map. The next time you are in the Middle East, come visit this awesome site and be amazed.

Location & Details

Mount Sinai rests in the Sinai Peninsula, standing between Egypt and Israel, near the city of St. Catherine. So, anyone touring the Middle East can get there with relative ease. Note to tourists coming from Israel, be sure to pack your passports or you’ll be stopped at the border and turned away. Looming high in the sky (yet noticeably shorter than most of the other mountains in the area), Mount Sinai stands at a full 7,497 ft., making it a thrilling physical challenge to hike as well as a spiritual excursion. Two hiking trails are available, the shorter of which takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. Geology buffs will appreciate the varying layers of rock formations found on Mount Sinai, as well.

Religious Significance

Mount Sinai is notably a prominent location for three of the major world religions including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and even some Bedouin traditions revere the area. Some Christian historians dispute the claim that Mount Sinai is the location where God spoke to the Israelites, arguing that the actual location of this event was a few mountains over on Mount Serbal. There, Christians erected a monastery in the 4th century. It was later moved to corroborate the current theory, however.

St Catherine’s Monastery

While in the area, one would be remiss to skip out on visiting St. Catherine’s monastery. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. Catherine’s is said to be the oldest working Christian monastery in the world giving it understandable prestige in the Christian community.

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