Mount of Olives: A Cornerstone of Christianity

Wondering what you should be doing on your vacation in the Middle East? Well, if you are a Christian traveler, then you need to take the mountain tour, a trek that covers the five most significant mountains in the Christian religion. The Mount of Olives is the first stop, and here are a few reasons why.

Breathtaking View Also known as Olivet, the Mount of Olives is a lovely mountain range that sits on the eastern side of Jerusalem. When there, tourists have a perfect view of the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock, and the entire Old City of Jerusalem, walls and all.

The Village of Bethany

This town was frequented by Jesus many times throughout his life as it was home to Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. The road that connects Bethany to Jerusalem traverses directly over the mountain, so it is obvious that Jesus walked across the Mount of Olives often.

Old Testament Mentions This mountain is also noted in the Old Testament. It states that King David fled from his son, Absolom, after having absconded the throne. Additionally, the prophet Ezekiel mentions the Mount of Olives as the location where the presence of the Lord rests upon.

The Olivet Discourse

The first of the three times that Jesus visited the Mount of Olives in his last week of mortal life, the Olivet Discourse was given over. It is an inspiring oration Jesus gave over to his disciples to answer questions, clarify confusions, and give strength and encouragement for the coming tribulations. The Discourse covered much of the future suffering the people would endure along with signs of the Second Coming and parables to teach lessons of wisdom for the ages.

Triumphal Entry

This passage appears in several places throughout scripture including Matthew, Luke, and John. The Triumphal Entry is the path along the Mount of Olives taken by Jesus on Palm Sunday. He went on his way to the last Passover supper before he was crucified.

The Last Supper Evening

After the Last Supper and the revelation of the betrayal, Jesus brought his disciples to Gethsemane on the western side of Mount Olives where he prayed and wept over the horrors of the following day (the betrayal and the crucifixion).

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