The Miracle Trail: Following in Jesus’ Path

It is well known by Christians of most denominations that Jesus performed seven miracles to prove his authority. While some scholars and religious segments believe these miracle stories to be merely allegorical and designed to teach the listeners an important lesson, many others maintain that these are actual events that took place throughout the life of Jesus.

For those who believe in the latter explanation, a thrilling prospect arises. Imagine being able to follow the path of Jesus’ miracles, visiting each location where the wondrous acts took place. It’s a notion that sends shivers up your spine just at the suggestion, and now you can actually make it happen. Check out this miraculous itinerary for touring the very sites where Jesus healed the sick, walked on water, and brought people back from the dead. It’s a Middle Eastern vacation you’ll never forget!

Miracle #1: Turning Water Into Wine

The story is told of a wedding festival held in Cana, a city in the Galilee. When the bridegroom wine runs out, Jesus is beseeched to keep the festivities alive by procuring more wine. Not to spoil the occasion for the bride and groom, Jesus turns plain water into delicious wine. This miracle is sourced in John.

Location: Cana, Galilee

Miracle #2: Healing of the Official’s Son

The Healing of the Official’s Son is questionable as to the exact location, but many agree it was in Capernaum.

Location: Capernaum

Miracle #3: Healing at Bethesda

Another miracle from Gospel of John, this is a heartwarming tale of compassion in which Jesus takes pity on a cripple who is never able to make it into the Pool of Bethesda in time to be healed (according to tradition, the angels stirred the water at Bethesda each night, and the first one in in the morning would be healed. As the cripple couldn’t move quickly, he was never able to be the first one into the water.)

Location: Bethesda, in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

Miracle #4: Feeding of the 5,000

A well-known story, Jesus transforms two small fish and five loaves of bread into a feast that, according to scholars, fed close to 10,000 people (5,000 were just the men present).

Location: Outside Bethsaida

Miracle #5: Walking on Water

One of the most famous miracles was that of Jesus walking on water. This awesome feat, done in order to save Peter, who had become frightened and began sinking, took place on the beautiful Galilean Sea, so you get a real adventure along with the religious significance of this destination.

Location: Sea of the Galilee

Miracle #6: Healing of the Blind Man

Jesus heals a man, born blind, with just some mud.

Location: Bethsaida

Miracle #7: Raising Lazarus from the Dead

In the most thrilling of the miracle stories, Jesus revives Lazarus after he dies and goes to burial.

Location: Bethany, near the Mt. of Olives

So, start your trip out in Bethsaida, travel across the Sea of the Galilee on a pleasant boat ride, and head to Jerusalem to round things off nicely. It is guaranteed to be an adventure of a lifetime!

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