Megiddo National Park

Megiddo National Park

Megiddo is the name used today in Israel for the biblical Armageddon, which the Book of Revelation identifies as the location of the battle to take place at the End of Days. The site is home to an impressive archaeological excavation of a city from the period of the Old Testament.

The remains of a third century church have recently been discovered on the grounds of the nearby Megiddo prison. The mosaic here proclaims in Greek that the church is consecrated to "The God Jesus Christ." This may be the oldest church ever found in the Holy Land.

The history of the city begins in the third millennium BC when Megiddo was the focal point of Egyptian rule in Canaan. Its strategic location between Egypt and Damascus on the Via Maris (Way of the Sea) made it a natural choice for a government center. To understand how centrally located Megiddo is, go to the observation point here that overlooks the Jezreel Valley and Mount Tabor.

Eventually King David conquered Megiddo and made it a central city in his kingdom, and it remained an important urban center throughout the history of the Israelite monarchy.

King Solomon, David's son, built an impressive water reservoir at Megiddo, which was later expanded into a complex water system by King Ahab. For strategic reasons, the reservoir was hidden from view and water was drawn into the city from underground tunnels. Visitors can walk through this water tunnel, which is 70 meters long and 3 meters high.

Other highlights of a visit to Megiddo include the museum's audiovisual presentation about the archaeology and history of the city, a Late Bronze Age palace and ancient stables.


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