Israel’s Best Artist Colonies

Israel’s Best Artist Colonies

Your upcoming tour of Israel will be greatly enhanced with a visit to an artists' colony (or two or three), where you can see local artists at work and purchase beautiful works of art to take home as souvenirs. Israel's art, design and handicrafts scenes are vibrant and full of discoveries, and these hotbeds of activity are extremely inviting.

Ein Hod is a picturesque village on Mount Carmel in northern Israel, and it's home to some 150 artists and their families. The spiritual center of the village is the Ein Hod Central Art Gallery, where most of the artists create and present their artwork. You can also wander in and out of private galleries, workshops, cafes, restaurants and art shops. Also worth a stop is the The Janco Dada Museum, which commemorates the founder of Ein Hod and showcases his own art.

Hutzot Hayotzer is the definitive art colony of Jerusalem. Artists do not live here, but they do create in the studios and exhibit their work in this complex. Located right outside the Old City, in buildings which used to be stables, Hutzot Hayotzer basically means "Artists Lane," although translated literally, it's closer to "Courtyards of the Creator." Melding the old with the new, the artists here are selected by a professional committee, and many of them have won global awards. The offerings range from jewelry and Jewish ceremonial art to ceramics and photographs of Jerusalem.

This charming town does not have an official artist colony, but creative souls are attracted to the beauty and mystical atmosphere of Tzfat's Old City, often setting up shop in an area known as the Artists' Quarter. Photography, painting, micro calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and Judaica are amongst the art created and sold along the winding alleyways. Much of the art here has been influenced by Kabbalah and is infused with mystical meaning.

Exploring Israel's artists in the centers where they bad together to create and display is one of the most compelling ways to discover the character of the dynamic country. At the artists' colonies of Ein Hod, Jerusalem and Safed, you may find yourself purchasing works that can help you remember the inspiration of the Holy Land for years to come.


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