Israeli Parliament Building

Israeli Parliament Building

 To gain some insight into the workings of the only democracy in the Middle East, enjoy a tour Israel's legislative house, known in Hebrew as the Knesset.

Take a guided one-hour tour of this Jerusalem landmark to learn about the structure of the Israeli government and how the parliament operates. See Israel's original Declaration of Independence and catch a glimpse of the committee rooms and plenary chambers. The Chagall Hall is an impressive room where receptions are held, designed by world-famous artist Marc Chagall. This room features 12 mosaic floors and tapestries, which tell the story of the Jewish people, from the Bible until contemporary times.

You can also join specialized tours, focusing on subjects such as the architecture of the Knesset building, art and photography. If you're interested in legislation and enforcement, you will enjoy the tour that focuses on the work of the Knesset and the Supreme Court, as well as the relationship between them.

After your tour, take a stroll through the Knesset Archaeology Park, where artifacts on display range from the Second Temple period all the way through the Ottoman period. Each artifact is labeled and includes information on its history and significance.

The Knesset is open to visitors every weekday from Sunday to Thursday. Tourists must bring their passports to gain entry into the building; Israelis should bring their IDs. Guided tours are available in English, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Amharic. On Monday to Wednesday, you can observe the Knesset plenary debates from the Public Gallery. A strict dress code is in place at the Knesset, with shorts, 3/4 pants, torn pants, shirts with political slogans and belly shirts all forbidden.

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