Magic Welcome Center

Magic Welcome Center

Start your tour of Israel's northern peaks with a fun experience that provides all the necessary information about the region. Situated right in the center of the Golan Heights, the attraction known as Magic Golan draws you into the beauty and excitement of northern Israel.

The centerpiece of Magic Golan is the breathtaking movie, which allows you to see, feel and hear the Golan through special-effects technology. The multi-sensory experience takes you to the scenery, people and rich history of the Golan. Feel the spray of the Jordan River's waterfalls and the cool breeze as you slide down Mount Hermon. Feel the wind in your hair as you fly over wadis and cliffs and watch enormous turbines spin in the air. Smell the flowers and enjoy the flowing wine and ripe fruit of the Golan.

At Magic Golan, you can also experience the geological and societal history of the Golan Heights with a 3D model of the entire region. The special effects take you on a journey through pivotal events, with sound and light and moving parts. Volcanoes erupt, rivers flow, birds chirp and tanks roar, while stories of settlements, battles and nature are told.

Once you've worked up an appetite, visit one of Magic Golan's restaurants for a meal. The Golan Brewery is a meat restaurant located inside a working brewery. Enjoy tasty meat and amazing Bazelet brand beer made with fresh stream water from the Golan. Children will love the menu created just for them. The acclaimed "Tastes of the Galilee and the Golan" is a dairy restaurant and boutique shop using local products produced by farmers in northern Israel. The restaurant features homemade breads and desserts, delicious quiches and pastas. The shop sells cosmetics, gifts and souvenirs, including dried organic fruit, cheeses, olive oil, wine and honey.

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