Golan Heights Winery

Golan Heights Winery

Become acquainted with some of the country's finest award-winning wines on your tour of Israel. At the Golan Heights Winery, you can experience the winemaking process and taste some of their excellent wines.

The classic Golan Heights Winery tour includes a visit to the oak barrel cellar, an explanation about the production of wine and a tasting session. Alternatibely, you can opt for an expanded tour featuring some of the winery's most distinctive wines and a gourmet meal. If you're especially adventurous, you'll love the vineyard tour, which takes you through the winery's vineyards in an all-terrain vehicle. Guides point out the various varieties of grapes which grow best in the soil, light and air of the Golan Heights. Top off all the tours with a shopping spree in the adjacent wine outlet shop.

The Golan Heights Winery was established in 1983 as a cooperative project of eight local communities. The first wine to become commercially available, Yarden Sauvignon Blanc, was released the next year and was greeted with excitement in Israel and abroad. The winery combines state-of-the-art growing technologies with traditional winemaking techniques.

The winery's mission is to promote and nurture fine wine culture in Israel. It is credited with creating a brand identity for the country's vintages, paving the way for the establishment of new wineries and increasing the quality of the wines in existing wineries.

With 28 planted vineyards producing 21 premium varieties of wine grapes, the Golan Heights wines have won many international prizes, including best winery, best wine and gold medal wine awards. The 2004 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon was the first wine from Israel to be listed on the Wine Spectator Top 100. Golan Heights wines are exported to 32 countries around the world.

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