Where to Find Amazing Horseback Riding Experiences in Israel

Vered HaGalil Horse Ranch - Roy Katalan PhotgraphyOne of the best ways to enjoy Israel’s natural beauty is from the back of a horse. Wide expanses of undeveloped land lend themselves to horseback riding in many regions of the country. Wear comfortable clothing, grab some bottles of water and head out for the most exhilarating adventure of your upcoming Israel trip.

The Dor Ranch is a seaside facility just off the Carmel shore, slightly north of Caesarea. This ranch offers horseback tours along the beach, ranging from one-hour experiences to full days. Groups and couples can order gourmet meals served on the beach. For an extra special experience, take a sunrise or sunset horseback riding tour.

The Vered Hagalil resort in the Galilee offers riding lessons for all levels of saddle experience. Seasoned riders can book two-day horseback tours through the Galilee or Jordan Valley. You can also take a one-hour sunset tour, a moonlight ride to see the lights of Tiberias or a Bonanza tour, which includes overnight camping.

Horses on Netanya BeachThe Nahal Alexander Ranch is located just half an hour from Tel Aviv at the edge of a nature reserve for sea turtles. You can ride a horse through the reserve to a private, isolated beach. Or, take a 45-minute horseback tour along the edge of the Alexander Stream to Khirbet Samara, an Ottoman-era structure built near the ruins of a Roman farm.

Just north of Netanya, at Moshav Havatzelet HaSharon, you can enjoy one-hour riding tours for riders of all levels. Experience options include a ride through the fields of the moshav, a seaside tour and a ride along the cliffs above the Mediterranean.

If you enjoy horse shows, the Israel Equestrian Federation holds competitions for show-jumping and dressage. You can learn more about horseback riding and other sports in Israel by taking a one-hour multimedia tour at Tel Aviv's Olympic Experience Museum, managed by the Olympic committee of Israel.


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