Fascinating Finds from Ancient Times in Modern Israel

Israel is known for its far-reaching religious, historical significance, and archeologists are corroborating its claims as the Holy Land even more with every dig. Check out some of the most interesting finds from this past year and the exact locations where you can visit these exciting historical sites.

#1 Buried Treasure in Caesarea

In May of 2016, divers off the coast of Caesarea made a tremendous discovery; an ancient merchant ship had been sunk and abandoned over 1,600 years ago. Carefully preserved underwater and deep within the seafloor, the ship contained a cornucopia of ancient artifacts including coins, bronze fragments, and carved idols. The ship, on its way to a recycling plant (an indication of the vast technology that they had so early on in history), was driven under by a storm. Archaeologists found thousands of items of interest.

If you love the idea of scuba diving amidst buried treasures and ancient artifacts, then come and take a dive at the Caesarian coves.

#2 First Century Stone Vessel Workshop

Hundreds of years ago, somewhere between Nazareth and Cana, there was a workshop. In this factory, workers carved, molded, and shaped stone vessels that were used for religious rituals. In fact, some say that this is the location where the jars mentioned in the Book of John when discussing the Wedding at Cana. You can imagine the excitement archeologists and historians must have had when they unearthed the remains of this stone vessel manufacturing plant, complete with fragments or small bowls, mugs, and plates in various stages of completion. These findings suggest that the area was once an active stone goods plant of the most ancient times.

#3 Unsealing of Christ’s Tomb

Certainly the most significant archeological expedition of the past 2,000 years, occurred in October of this year. Archeologists have opened the shrine which is believed to be the burial place of Jesus. Inside they found the limestone shelf, hewn out of the cave's wall, that was the burial bed itself. This was covered by a marble sheathing for protection and strangely remained intact after centuries of destruction of the areas surrounding it. The site is in Jerusalem’s Old City and holds a wealth of interesting religious locations.

Discover the wellspring of history, religion, and culture that only Israel can deliver, and come home from vacation with experiences you’ll never forget.







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