Dead Sea Float

Dead Sea Float

The Dead Sea is the perfect place for a relaxing and rejuvenating day. Famous for being the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea is rich in minerals which soothe and refresh the skin. Slathering mud from the sea on your skin will leave you feeling energized and tranquil at the same time. And no first-time visit to the Holy Land is complete without enjoying a buoyant swim along this super salty body of water's surface.

The high concentration of salt in the Dead Sea makes it impossible to sink into the water. A popular pastime at the Dead Sea is reading a newspaper while effortlessly floating. Since the Judean Desert is warm even in the winter, a swim in the Dead Sea is pleasant all year round.

The hotels along the shore of the Dead Sea offer various spa treatments which take advantage of the minerals found in the Dead Sea. Chlorine pools are available for serious swimming and for children who may not enjoy the feel of Dead Sea water on their skin. Jacuzzis, thermo-mineral pools and saunas complete the experience.

The Dead Sea is also an excellent base for day trips in the area. Visit the nature reserves of Ein Feshkha and Ein Gedi, surprising oases in the desert. For the archaeologically minded, Masada tells the story of Herod the Great and the Jewish revolt against Rome. Qumran was home to the sect that compiled and copied the world-famous Dead Sea Scrolls. The adventurous will enjoy horseback riding, jeeping and parachuting in the desert, as well as hiking a variety of trails.

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