Davidson Center Jerusalem Archeological Park

Davidson Center Jerusalem Archeological Park

A remarkable encounter with customs of worship at the time of Jesus, Holy Land tours usually spend hours at the sprawling Jerusalem Archeological Park, which includes the Southern Wall excavations, Robinson's Arch and other amazing antiquities at the foot of the Temple Mount. At the heart of the park is the Davidson Center, which utilizes state-of-the-art technology to tell the story of ancient Jerusalem from the Canaanite Bronze Age until the Muslim Mamluk rule of the city.

A visit begins with a short film reenacting the pilgrim's experience in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus. It takes you through the process of procuring an animal for sacrifice in Jerusalem during a festival. Afterwards you can see the virtual reality reconstruction of the Temple Mount as Jesus would have seen it.

Next, stroll through the archaeological excavations and see the Roman roads and storefronts which pilgrims visited to change money, purchase sacrifices and load up on groceries. Follow the route of the pilgrims up the wide staircase up to the Hulda Gate to Robinson's arch, which held up a staircase leading directly to the Temple. Nearby are ritual baths, where the pilgrims purified themselves before entering the holy site.

The archaeological site also tells the story of the Temple's destruction in 70 AD. The large stones scattered on the ground here were thrown down from the Temple Mount by Roman soldiers when they sacked the Temple.

Archaeological excavations from later periods include underground homes, which can be accessed by climbing down stairs and through tunnels. Children will particularly enjoy this part of the tour.

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