Christians for Jews in Israel: Jewish Sites not to Miss

Christians for Jews in Israel: Jewish Sites not to Miss

According to the Bible, the Jews are the Chosen People. While Jesus came to be our Savior and to cleanse the world of sin, most Christians still believe that the Jews have a significant part in history and the future of the world. For this reason, many Christians come to Israel with the intent to show their support and camaraderie with the Jewish people. As part of this movement, Christians enjoy visiting many of the beautiful and significant Jewish sites around Israel. Since there are so many to behold, we thought we’d highlight some of the most memorable and prominent locations to see while you’re here. Enjoy!

The Western Wall

There is nothing more Jewishly representative than the Western Wall. Called the Kotel (literally the wall in Hebrew), this structure is actually the last remaining part of the Holy Temple. As such, it holds tremendous spiritual implications for the Jews, and truly everyone seeking spirituality. Millions of people from Jews to Christians to Muslims and even non-affiliated visit this wall each year, pouring out their tears in heartfelt prayer and yearning. Definitely a must-see while in the country. And touring the rest of the Old City of Jerusalem is also a good idea for your pilgrimage (Tip: Check out the tunnel tours, the Cordo, and the ancient synagogues).

Cave of the Patriarchs

Another cornerstone of Judaism, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron is a monumental location. It also holds prestige for Muslims and Christians, though the largest gathering is always of Jews. The cave holds the Biblical couples who make up the very lineage of Judaism, namely Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah. While on this weighty journey, be sure to stop by the Tomb of Rachel as well to round out this tour.


Masada is a prominent location in Jewish history. It is the fortress built by King Herod, and where an entire village of Jews perished under the infamous siege. The area is truly fascinating from a Biblical and historical perspective, as visitors can see several architectural treasures that were unearthed such as ritual baths, pottery, and building segments. The hike itself is also an amazing experience, so don’t miss out.
There’s also Yad Vashem, the premiere Holocaust museum in the world, Mt. Olives, the Hurva Synagogue, and the holy cities of Safed and Tiberias. Show your fidelity and love for all people when you tour the Holy Land and see things from another perspective for a little while.

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