Christian Highlights While Touring Old Jaffa

Christian Highlights While Touring Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa is famous for being one of the oldest ports in Israel. It's also a great tourist destination for Christians visiting the country because it contains interesting Biblical and historical references, good shopping, and beautiful views wherever you go. If you’d like to visit Old Jaffa this trip, here are some of the best places to stop off for an interesting itinerary you won’t soon forget.

Old Jaffa Port

The port is a fabulous conglomeration of interest, combining the old with the new splendidly. Carefully preserved, tourists can view the old port’s pier that rests right alongside the new pier. Take a boat tour across the water and learn about the fascinating history of this port that dates back thousands of years.

St. Peter’s Church

Resting high atop Jaffa mound, St. Peter’s Church has stood faithfully for thousands of years. This ancient structure has witnessed the travails of history, the struggles of its people, and the resurgence of hope and the strength that it brought to Christians throughout the ages. Marvel at the ancient ruins of a crusader fort, remnants of another church dating back to the Byzantine era, and the beautiful church itself. St. Peter’s was constructed in the Baroque style, and its most notable features include a tremendous vaulted ceiling and the stupendous view, compliments of the unusual westward placement of the church.

There is also St. George’s Church right near by.

Slope Park

If you're into history or just enjoy learning about the past, then also check out the lovely Slope Park. Slope Park was the first park to be constructed in Old Jaffa more than 40 years ago and constructed on the foundations of homes that were destroyed during the wars as a commemoration. It’s a beautiful acre-wide park that is also a great place to stop and enjoy lunch.

Other Points of Interest

While here you can also visit the home of Simon the Tanner, where Peter was hosted for a time during his travels. Jaffa is famous in the Bible for the story of Tabitha, where Peter resurrects the virtuous woman with the words "Tabitha rise." And, don’t miss out on the Jaffa Museum. It’s loaded up with fascinating historical facts, exhibits, and photos you’re going to love.

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