The Christian Guide to the Old City of Jerusalem

The Christian Guide to the Old City of Jerusalem

It’s a wonder that the Old City of Jerusalem is still standing. While the rest of the world wars over religious intolerance, equal rights, and racism, this tiny town remains a hub of culture, art, and most of all, religious tolerance. With four quarters comprising the Old City, each representing another religion, somehow the peace is maintained in an unprecedented display of tolerance and appreciation for other’s differences.

Perhaps this is why Christians enjoy this city so much. But then again, maybe it’s the beautiful and rich religious heritage that it holds for the devout. Truly, the Old City of Jerusalem holds more religious sites and artifacts than any other city in the world, naturally making it a sure destination for anyone on a pilgrimage in the Middle East. Here are a few must-see spots the next time you are traveling across the Holy Land.

Christian Quarter

The Christian Quarter is the Christian section of the Old City and the place where you'll spend most of your time if you’re on a Christian pilgrimage. This is where you can follow the Stations of the Cross path (Via Dolorosa ), walking the same harrowing path that Jesus trudged, bearing the cross on his shoulders. There are also many churches throughout the Old City including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Not to be overlooked, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a magnificent structure in its own right, even before you get to the religious significance. Within the church’s compound, you’ll find numerous monumental events commemorated including:

  • The Rock of the Calvary where Jesus was crucified
  • The Stone of Anointing where Jesus’ body was prepared for burial by Joseph
  • The Rotunda in which Jesus’ actual tomb is located
  • Many other interesting and prominent monuments.


From crucifixion to resurrection, revelation to resurgence, Jerusalem’s Old City certainly holds a lot of memorable sites for any Christian traveler. Visit the homeland, and marvel at the wonders of a country thousands of years old.

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