The Cenacle: The End That Began It All

In an ancient artifice within the timeless Old City of Jerusalem, there stands a room. This room is not like any other room. No, it is known across the globe and throughout the centuries. This room is revered for its significance, and after all, how many individual rooms are you aware of that have gone down in history let alone changed the course of it?

The Cenacle, known also as the Upper Room, holds tremendous importance for any Christian because of the two historical events that took place there – The Last Supper and the first revelation of the Holy Spirit to the apostles. Any Christian vacation to Israel would be incomplete without a stopover at the Cenacle, so check out these interesting facts, and book your tour today.

The Last Supper

As many of you are aware, the Last Supper was the final meal Jesus partook of together with the disciples before his crucifixion. The meal was held in the Cenacle, and it is said to be the time when Jesus instituted the Eucharist, the ceremony of taking wine and bread in memory of the Savior.

The Coming of the Holy Spirit

The Cenacle is the top floor of a two-story building in the Old City of Jerusalem directly near the Church of the Dormition and just south of the Zion Gate. There were other events said to have taken place in this notable space as well as the ones mentioned above. Some of them include:

Where the disciples’ feet were washed

Numerous mentions of various resurrections

The gathering place of the disciples after the Ascension of Jesus

Where St. Matthias was appointed as an apostle

The Cenacle is one of the many fascinating sites to behold within the holy city of Jerusalem. Take an in-depth journey through history, religion, and culture, as you walk the streets of this ancient world.

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