Bahai Gardens Haifa

Bahai Gardens Haifa

Of the two famous Bahai Garden complexes in Israel, the Bahai Gardens of Haifa are by far the more well-known and frequently visited. In fact, the site is among the most visited attractions in all of Israel.

Also known as the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, these Bahai Gardens in Haifa were built on 19 terraces that rise more than half a mile up the northern slope of Mount Carmel. From within the beautifully landscaped gardens, visitors can take in spectacular views of Haifa and its bay, the hills of the Galilee and the Mediterranean. While the Bahai Gardens of Akko are certainly beautiful, the scale of this complex is far more grand.

Three areas of Haifa's Bahai Gardens, accessible from different parts of the city, are open to visitors exploring on their own from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM every day. From the main entrance, visitors can gain access to the gold-domed shrine and the sprawling grounds of that level. The shrine itself and the inner gardens are only open until noon each day. The cactus garden near the shrine is considered by many to be a highlight.

However, the best way to appreciate the carefully tended gardens of vibrant flowers, hedges and graveled paths, as well as the graves of important members of the Bahai holy family, is on a guided walking tour. There is no charge, and no reservation is needed. Visitors are asked to respect the decorum of this religious site by dressing modestly, refraining from photographing the shrine itself and not bringing food or drink (except water) into the gardens. Comfortable shoes with good traction are recommended.


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