5 Ways to Enjoy Israel in the Dark

5 Ways to Enjoy Israel in the Dark

Touring Israel at night is a special treat. The weather is generally pleasant, even in midsummer and midwinter, and the streets are filled with locals relaxing after their long days at work. During your trip to Israel, take advantage of these night experiences to get out of your hotel room and enjoy some one-of-a-kind attractions.

Travel through History with the Tower of David Light Show

At this multimedia extravaganza, the story of Jerusalem is told via a stunning light show on the backdrop of the walls surrounding the Tower of David. Twenty projectors show reenactments of major historical events, such as the reign of King David, the revolt against Rome and the Ottoman conquest of Jerusalem. The larger-than-life images are accompanied by music for a truly immersive experience.

See the Roman City of Beit Shean Come to Life 

The ancient northern city of Beit Shean reached its heyday during the Roman period, when it was a metropolis complete with an amphitheater, public baths, artisans’ workshops and a temple. Today, you can see the excavated remains of this impressive city. At night, the “Shean Nights” sound and light show “fills” the streets of the city with Roman horse carriages, people and additional buildings. The multimedia presentation is 10 minutes long and is followed by a guided tour.

Experience the Last Stand of Masada with a Sound and Light Show

At the foot of the Dead Sea region's Masada National Park (on the side facing the Arad road), you can witness the last stand of the Judeans against the Romans in 73 CE. Pyrotechnic effects and a sophisticated sound system bring the story to life in dramatic fashion. The show starts around sunset, so the glowing sky contributes to the beauty of the experience.

Join King Solomon at the Timna Park Night Tour

Timna Park, slightly north of Eilat, provides a window into the distinct geology and archaeology of Israel's deep south. Night tours here begin with screenings of the park’s multimedia production, "Mines of Time." The experience continues with stargazing, meeting Egyptian mythological characters and a walk through Solomon’s Pillars. Fill a bottle with colored sand, learn how to play a Bedouin hand drum and hear the legends of the biblical King Solomon. 

Sneak into the Ramat Gan Safari After Dusk

This landmark urban safari is closed to the public at night, but there are special tours for families after dusk and for couples at midnight. Fewer animals fill the facility at night, since many of them are taken elsewhere to sleep, but you are still likely to see hippos, deer, ducks, pelicans, wolves, camels, elephants, giraffes, bats, turtles, hyenas, leopards, porcupines, donkeys and alligators. The guides are exciting and entertaining, and you'll gain a feel for the nocturnal goings-on at the zoo when almost all the visitors go home.

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