5 Tips for Touring Israel with Children

5 Tips for Touring Israel with Children

Bringing kids on your trip to Israel? Israeli society is especially family- and youth-oriented, so your kids will be accepted almost anywhere you take them. In order to make your holiday and theirs more enjoyable, here are some tips for touring Israel with kids.

Stay at a family-friendly hotel. Many Israeli hotels offer activities for children so they don’t get bored during down time. If your children are small, look for hotels with supervised activity centers and child-friendly entertainment. Some hotels feature playgrounds, petting zoos, swimming pools with water slides and toddler pools. Before booking, ask about amenities for children and babysitting services.

Hire a tour guide who specializes in families. Many of Israel’s tour guides cater to families as well as groups of adults. Choose to tour with guides who speak engagingly, include children in discussions and alternate information geared to you with information geared to your children. When booking guided tours, let the sales representative know you are a family with children, and specify their ages.

Remember that pretty much all Israeli restaurants welcome children. Eating out with children is perfectly acceptable in Israel. While some of the most elegant restaurants are not appropriate for kids, any of the mainstream ones will happily accommodate them. Children’s menus are generally available, and even if these portions aren’t listed on the primary menu, ask what the chef can make for your kids. If the weather is nice, consider outdoor seating, where there is more room for kids to walk around – and more to see.

Alternate educational sites with fun attractions. To keep kids interested, sprinkle in a few activities like water sports, zoos and interesting playgrounds. That way children can recharge before the next historical or holy site you visit.

Get out into nature. Israel has so much going on outdoors. From wooded national parks to mountain hikes and waterfalls, there is much to see out of doors. Children will enjoy the ability to run and make noise, and they’ll absorb the remarkable beauty of the Holy Land at the same time.


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