5 Reasons to Make Sure Your Israel Trip Includes a Visit to the Dead Sea

5 Reasons to Make Sure Your Israel Trip Includes a Visit to the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of Israel’s most compelling natural wonders. It’s the lowest point on earth, and it is the body of water with the highest concentration of salt in the world. There are tons of reasons to visit the Dead Sea on your trip to Israel. Here are our top five.


  1. The Dead Sea is a natural health spa.

Dead Sea mud is known for its ability to make you look and feel younger and healthier. A swim in the sea can improve respiratory, dermatological and other ailments. In addition to dipping in the sea and slathering your body with mud, the hotels and spas near the Dead Sea offer a large variety of sulfur baths, massage treatments and beauty products.

  1. The Dead Sea is beautiful in almost any weather.

    The dry and warm climate of the Judean Desert makes the Dead Sea an excellent destination even in the winter. It rarely rains in the region and it’s almost always warm enough for a swim.
  2. It’s the only chance you will get to read a newspaper while floating.

    You’ve probably seen the iconic pictures of people floating on their backs in the Dead Sea, reading the newspaper. These are not Photoshopped images; the high concentration of salt in the sea keeps your weight above the water at all times so that whatever you are holding in your hands remains totally dry.
  3. The Dead Sea region is rich in history and natural beauty.

    Ein Gedi is a gorgeous oasis of waterfalls and wildlife in the middle of the desert. It is also home to the remains of an ancient synagogue and an impressive cactus garden. Masada is one of the most important historical symbols of the Great Revolt against Rome and the destruction of the Second Temple. Ein Feshkha is a sweet-water swimming hole looking out on the shore of the Dead Sea, and the archaeological excavations of Qumran are nearby.
  4. It’s not clear how long the Dead Sea will be around for.

    Environmentalists are concerned that industry, agriculture and domestic use are drying up the sea. Much of the fresh water that used to flow into the Dead Sea is now being pumped to cities, and the entire ecosystem in the region is being disrupted as a result. Some experts expect the sea to disappear by 2050! The Dead Sea has been receding for years and although plans have been developed to stop the process, the current political climate does not allow for implementing these plans.


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Still not convinced? Take out word for it – visiting the Dead Sea is a must. You'll leave the area amazed, thrilled and relaxed!



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