The 5 Most Beautiful Nature Spots in Israel

Israel is a tiny country with amazingly diverse natural features. In a short distance, you can travel from mountains and cold temperatures to deserts and dry heat. Visit the breathtaking landscapes of Israel’s top nature spots and make your trip to Israel unforgettable.

Rosh Hanikra

The cliffs and sea caves at Rosh Hanikra provide some of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. A cable car takes you down to the grottoes, where you can see green-blue water splashing against brown caves lined with purple rock. As you walk along the path leading through the caves, you can catch glimpses of the open sea and the fish that swim near the shore. An audio-visual presentation showcases the region’s wildlife and tells the story of the railroad that briefly connected British Mandate Palestine with Lebanon.

The Hula Valley

The Hula Valley is a nature reserve known for its diverse populations of bird species. A lake in the center of the site provides food and rest for migrating and nesting birds. For a truly special experience, you can join a sunrise tour to see the birds waking up to a new day, or take a night tour to view nocturnal birds and animals.

Mitzpeh Ramon

The Ramon Crater is the world's largest erosion crater, a geological phenomenon specific to the Negev region of Israel. The vast basin sits directly below the city of Mitzpeh Ramon and offers fascinating hiking trails. In and around the crater, you will see grazing ibex, which are not fearful of humans and will even stand still and “pose” for a photo. The boardwalk along the cliffs and the lobby of the Bereshit Hotel provide stunning views, if you prefer to see the crater from above. The nearby Ilan Ramon Center focuses on the geology and wildlife of the crater as well as the short life of Israel’s first astronaut.

The Sea of Galilee 

The Sea of Galilee is Israel’s largest lake, stretching from Tiberias to Ein Gev. The sparkling blue water here is best enjoyed from a boat ride or while seated at one of the many restaurants lining the shore. As the primary site of the ministry of Jesus, the Sea of Galilee and its surroundings offer many sites of significance to Christians.
The Judean Desert

The majestic mountains of the desert south of Jerusalem are simply gorgeous. Even more awe inspiring are the oases in the desert, such as Ein Feshkha and Ein Gedi, where water suddenly spurts from the rocks. Take the cable car or hike up to the top of Masada for a stunning view of the Judean Desert, or visit Herodian, with its views toward Jerusalem and southward. If you are a seasoned hiker, trek through Wadi Qelt or Nahal Og to really appreciate the rocky and barren desert.

Exploring Israel's Great Outdoors

Israel's natural wonders are numerous, varied and extremely beautiful. To get the most out of your upcoming trip to the Holy Land, be sure to include some of these sites and parks in your itinerary.


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