4 Popular Christian Communities in Israel

The birthplace, childhood home, and burial place of Jesus, Israel, is obviously a fertile ground for proliferating Christianity. If you’re visiting the Holy Land this vacation tour, be sure to hit up some of these prominent Christian cities dotted around the country.


Believed to be named after St Peter (Keipha is Aramaic for Peter), there has always been a strong Christian presence in Haifa. Today the Christian community makes up approximately 14% of the city’s population. Aside from the rich historical perspective, Haifa holds the cave of Elijah the Prophet, an interesting and significant religious location for Jews and Christians.


Christians make up almost 31% of the population in this city known as the Arab capital of the world. More significantly, though, Nazareth is the birthplace of Jesus, and so it’s usually the first stop for any Christian on their pilgrimage. In this one location, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture and religious magnitude of the Church of the Annunciation, the Church of St. Gabriel, St. Joseph’s Church, the Church of Christ, the Church of Our Lady of the Fright, and the Capernaum.


While it’s certainly not the majority of the population, about 15,000 Christians reside in Jerusalem. During your stay in Jerusalem, any Christian worth his salt will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus is supposed to be buried and the Christian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. You can also stop by the Dominus Flevit Church and the Pools of Bethesda while in the neighborhood.

Maaliyah and Fassuta

These two villages are being mentioned because they hold significance to the Christian population in Israel. Maaliyah and Fassuta are Christian Arab villages, and the communities are growing each year. Fassuta is also home to the Mar Elias Church, a structure that has been standing for more than 100 years.

And, there you have it. Of course, there are other smaller villages that pepper the countryside, but these are the most significant ones for a tourist to visit. Stop off at these monumental spots early on in your trip, and then visit some of the smaller villages if time permits. And if not, guess you’ll just have to come back next year for another fabulous vacation in Israel.



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